Thursday, October 29, 2020

9:00 AM Moving Forward: Live Meetings in the Era After COVID

  • Describe the future of CME conferencing moving forward
  • Recognize particulars when negotiating an AV and hotel contract
  • Identify negotiable details vs. non negotiables items in AV and hotel contracts

9:45 Break

9:55 Technology and Virtual Education: "Snore" or "Super"?

                  • Demonstrate technology and virtual education options
                  • Illustrate pros and cons for a variety of virtual education options
                  • Propose affordable virtual conference options for providers on a budget
10:40 Breakout Rooms

Friday, October 30, 2020

9:00 AM Commendation Criteria Cases

                • Discuss ACCMEs commendation wheel
                • Identify case examples of activities addressing commendation criteria
                • Describe lessons learned when addressing ACCMEs commendation criteria

10:00 Break

10:10 CME Burnout

                • Discuss the importance of addressing burnout
                • Illustrate concepts to help prevent burnout
                • Demonstrate mindfulness and self-care skills

10:40 Behind the Curtain: Preparation for Virtual Conferences

                • Describe process of putting together a multiday conference via Zoom
                • Identify tips to maximize the experience of your virtual event


We are not representatives of the ACCME or California Medical Association/IMQ. Anything we say is our own personal opinions or interpretations. We cannot guarantee any results related to compliance with the IMQ or ACCME’s criteria/standards. We cannot guarantee any results with any other organization’s rules. Please check with your stakeholders before implementing any changes.

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